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Our Services


Make your hunting trip extra memorable. We focus on quality for each taxidermy piece, including the details and likeliness of each animal so you can display it in your own home. Whether it's a deer or a bird, all taxidermy is held to the highest standard and made with consistency. Working with you to decide the position and mount style, each project is personalised to align with your vision.      

Taxidermy shoulder mount Fallow buck on a black background.


Options for skulls include:

-European Mount

-European Mount on Wire Hanger

-Skull Cap

-Skull Cap on Wire Hanger

-Boss Mount

Skulls are finished with a gloss clear coat. This prevents dust, dirt or other contaminants from staining the bone and allows for easy cleaning to maintain longevity & whiteness. 

Antler Stack.jpg


We appreciate your enquiries, but are not offering the following services at this time:

-Repair work on older mounts

-Tanning flat skins

- Pet taxidermy work

- Shields for mounting

- Items for sale, either taxidermy or retail. 

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