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Meet The Team

Southern Alps Taxidermy is operated by a small team of four:

Meet Our Taxidermist

Southern Alps Taxidermy is a small business located in the heart of South Canterbury, home to a wide variety of game species such as Tahr, Fallow Deer, Red Deer, Goats, Chamois and many more. Taxidermy is a way to preserve the animal's likeness, a skilled art form to make your trophy look like how it was while out on your hunting trip and preserve the memory of a successful hunt. South Canterbury is a popular area for hunters as it has abundant species and an impressive landscape to travel over, attracting hunters from across the globe who are seeking to experience the challenges and natural beauty it has to offer.


Born and raised in Canterbury, hunting has been a part of my life from a young age. When I'm not in the taxidermy workshop you can find me outdoors with my dog Steel on our next hunt. I first started taxidermy work in 2017 and have grown my skills since then, always aiming to learn and improve to provide the best quality work. I'm passionate about every detail of each mount from start to finish. Capturing the expression, colouring, and natural posing of the animal is most important to me.


This lead to my second passion- wildlife photography. Seeing/photographing these animals in person- their movements, posture and facial details out in the wild, means I can get the most accurate references to work with. Stop by the show room and workshop next time you're in Pleasant Point, I'm happy to stop for a chat or you can browse my work or give Steel a pat (he likes visitors.)

Brodie Green (Taxidermist)

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