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Dropping Off Trophies

Give us a call or email before dropping off your trophies, to organise a time to meet and discuss your plans. If you have any further questions on field care please call and we can advise you.

General Advice

Proper care and storage with you allows for the best quality trophies from us. Thank you!

Yes- Bring your trophies in a clean plastic bag, such as a black rubbish liner. These are easiest to dispose of in the workshop. 

Yes- Keep your skins clean and dry. Roll and bag them as soon as they are skinned. Try not to drag your skins on the ground.

Yes- If you are unable to drop off fresh, freeze straight away if you are able to do so. If you have someone to drop off on behalf, that can be helpful too.

Avoid- Wool bags, oversized bulky sacks to bring trophies in. These are difficult to dispose of at the workshop.

Avoid- Gravel, dirt/mud and grass covering your skins.  The cleaner, the better for ease of processing.

Avoid- Maggots, rot forming, hanging up skins for days at a time in your chiller. Fresh or frozen is best please!

Yes- Double wrapping birds and small game for the freezer. This will help prevent freezer burn on your specimens. 

Yes- For taxidermy mount skins stored in the freezer, store the head inside of the skin to protect the ears from freezer burn. 

Yes- Cut your whole skulls to the last joint instead of leaving the whole neck attached. It'll make processing faster and easier for your taxidermist.

Avoid- Heavy items on top of frozen birds, any parts out loose which are at risk of freezer burn.

Avoid- Not leaving enough skin on for taxidermy work. It is always better to leave too much on than not leaving enough to work with.

Avoid- Please do not bury skulls in the garden to clean them. It creates more work overall and leaves bad stains on the bone.

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